Current & Future Donors: Giving Through the PACF

The PACF offers you the information and support needed to accomplish your charitable goals efficiently and effectively. We know our region well and offer you personalized service and local knowledge to assist you in making decisions about charitable giving.

Local Knowledge

The Foundation's Board and Staff are local people who are committed to the betterment of our region. With an understanding of our region's nonprofits, charitable projects, and community needs, the Foundation is an excellent resource for individuals wishing to make a positive impact.

Giving Made Easy

Whether you are establishing a new fund or donating to an existing fund, it's easy to make a gift to your community through the PACF. The Foundation takes care of all the administrative tasks and tax reporting and ensures that your charitable gift complies with IRS regulations and laws.

Personalized Service

Whether you make a gift now or structure a planned gift for later, the PACF offers flexibility in fulfilling your charitable goals while addressing your unique circumstances.  You can tailor your support to be as specific or as broad as you wish. The Foundation offers a variety of types of funds, which can be crafted to serve the causes that are most important to you.

Financial Benefits

Since the PACF is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) charity, your gifts receive the greatest IRS tax deductions allowed by law. The Foundation invests your gifts/funds thoughtfully with both current community grantmaking and future growth in mind. Its work is guided by the expertise of its Investment Committee, Investments Managers, and nationally-recognized independent investment advisory firm, Fund Evaluation Group (FEG).

Since 1963, the PACF has been recognized as one of the region's leaders in philanthropy and charitable giving. We are committed to improving our region's collective future by inspiring philanthropy, engaging citizens, and delivering results


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