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As a professional advisor, you have clients who care about making an impact through their charitable giving and you know that helping clients to balance their financial objectives with their personal philanthropic goals can be a complex and sensitive matter.  That’s where the PACF can help!

The PACF is a tool that you can use to help your clients to explore giving options. Working with our expert professional staff, you can offer added value for your clients. Our staff is not compensated based on transactions; our only interest is helping you to find the best fit for your client’s charitable interests. By introducing your clients to our services, you make it easier for them to accomplish their goals while benefiting from the maximum tax advantages possible through a public charity with numerous, flexible options.


  • Advisor FAQs:  As a professional advisor you receive many questions from clients about various aspects of charitable giving. Here’s a sample of some of the questions that we hear often and illustrations of how working with the PACF can benefit your client.
  • Giftlaw Newsletter:  The PACF is pleased to offer GiftLaw, an e-newsletter from Crescendo Interactive. GiftLaw is updated each week to help attorneys, accountants and other professional advisors interested in charitable gift planning strategies stay connected important updates.
  • Publications & Financials:  To learn more about the PACF, we encourage you to read our publications. 
  • Current Issues in Estate Planning Workshop:  To be held May 24, 2018.

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