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The PACF works to meet the needs of the communities that we serve through our various grant programs.  Grants awarded through the Foundation are made possible by generous individuals/businesses who have established a charitable fund. Additionally, individuals who have established Donor Advised Funds through the PACF are consulted and some provide additional grant support to requests.

  • Community Action Grants Program:  The spring 2018 grant application deadline is February 15, 2018.
  •  Ruth Hornbrook Memorial Fund:  Fund provides support for humane societies in West Virginia, with particular emphasis on supporting the needs of new humane societies.  The application deadline is March 1, 2018.  
  • Special and Urgent Needs (SUN) Grants: SUN grants (up to $4,000) help organizations with unbudgeted, unforeseen, and time-sensitive emergencies or opportunities that arise from time to time and for which a quick response regarding Foundation support is necessary.  Requests can be submitted at any time to the Foundation's Senior Program Officer. 
  • Mini Grants:  Mini grants (up to $2,500) provide support for small projects that are time-sensitive.  Requests can be submitted at any time.  

Guidelines For Grantseekers

For more details on PACF's grant opportunities visit our Guidelines for Grantseekers (PDF) or visit Grant FAQs. This information is designed to explain policies, priorities, limitations, deadlines and other information you will need to know and the factors that influence funding decisions.


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