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$4,000 Grant Helps Doddridge CEOS Develop Heritage Quilt Trail

$4,000 Grant Helps Doddridge CEOS Develop Heritage Quilt Trail

West Union, WV - The Parkersburg Area Community Foundation and Regional Affiliates (PACF) has awarded a $4,000 grant to Doddridge County Community Educational Outreach Services (CEOS) for the development of a heritage art quilt trail in Doddridge County. The PACF’s Senior Program Officer, Marian Clowes, recently spoke to the CEOS about the grant and the philanthropic work that the community foundation undertakes in Doddridge County though the Doddridge County Community Foundation.

The grant will enable the CEOS to design and implement a quilt trail consisting of 10 hand-painted quilt blocks on 8’ by 8’ sign boards to be installed on or near historically significant buildings or sites in Doddridge County. The first block has been installed at the Doddridge County Park. The heritage art quilt trail will encourage tourism to the area and help preserve the county’s Appalachian heritage.

The West Virginia Community Educational Outreach Service (WVCEOS) has a strong tradition of education, service, and community development, dating back to 1914 when the first club was established. Doddridge County initiated their first club in 1925. The primary purpose of the CEOS is education. The vision of CEOS is to be leaders in strengthening individuals, families, and communities to become productive contributors to meet the needs of a changing and diverse society. Doddridge County has seven community clubs dispersed throughout the county, with an open membership of 138 individuals. Current programs include community service, family, health, leadership, personal development, heritage, environmental, and literacy programs.


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