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COVID-19: How the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation is Helping

As permanent public charitable grantmakers, community foundations are built to go the distance at a time like the present.  Locally, the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation (PACF) is mobilizing to support nonprofits and communities in the region during this COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our key role right now is to identify local needs and gaps in funding, and to assemble and apply funds where they are most critically needed to relieve distress in our area,”  said Judy Sjostedt, PACF’s Executive Director.  “In addition to working in concert with other funders and nonprofits, we’ve reached out directly to our local donor partners to ask for their help.  We’ve received great support already but will be continuously working to assure that sufficient funds are ready to help throughout the duration of this crisis given its significant impact in our region.”

Working in partnership with area funders and donors, the PACF is actively contacting regional nonprofits to assess COVID-19 impact on their clients and communities and identifying ways to respond to the needs.  One such need quickly arose recently with seniors being advised to stay home.  The PACF, in partnership with the Sisters Health Foundation, swiftly awarded a $5,600 grant to the Wood County Senior Citizens Association to assist them with supplies needed to provide nurtitious meals to seniors in the area who are isolated in their homes.

“We are fortunate in our community to have strong partnerships between local foundations and our donors,” said Marian Clowes, PACF’s Associate Director for Community Leadership.  “We share community needs as we hear of them with other partners and are often able to jointly respond.  The grant to the Wood County Senior Citizens Association is one of what we anticipate will be many shared efforts to respond to community needs related to COVID-19.”

Nonprofit organizations are encouraged to share their needs related to how the COVID-19 virus is impacting the lives of their clients or the sustainability of their services for their clients by emailing the PACF at

Individuals who would like to help the Foundation respond to both the short-term and long-term needs of our community are encouraged to make a donation to support the Foundation’s Safety Net Fund (supports basic and emergency needs) and/or Hunger Fund (addresses food insecurity for local people).  Donations may be made online at or by mailing a check payable to “PACF” to PO Box 1762, Parkersburg WV 26102-1762.  The PACF will be proactively distributing these funds in our community to meet priority needs as they arise.

“While COVID-19 has temporarily changed how we at the PACF accomplish business on a daily basis, it has only reinforced our commitment to serve the citizens of our Mid-Ohio Valley,” said Sjostedt.  “As the situation evolves, we are continuously evaluating where our efforts and resources can do the most good.  We are very thankful for the wonderful partnership with our many donor partners whose support makes everything that we are able to do possible. We’re here to help for the long-term.”

Parents and Friends of the Hearing Impaired Establishes Endowment Fund

Jim McCauley, President of Parents & Friends of the Hearing Impaired, Inc., with Julie Posey, Development and Communications Officer for the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation, signing paperwork to create an endowment fund with the Foundation in the name of the Parents & Friends of the Hearing ImpairedThe Parents and Friends of the Hearing Impaired, Inc. is working to ensure that area citizens have access to hearing aids.

The organization was formed in Marietta, Ohio in 1974 as a tax-exempt charitable organization by a group of parents, teachers, and friends of young deaf or hearing-impaired children.  The initial purpose of the Parents and Friends of the Hearing Impaired was to assist these children who were grouped together to form Ohio’s first pre-school hearing impaired educational unit.   The Parents and Friends provided monetary and volunteer support to this ground-breaking pre-school educational unit by helping to obtain equipment, educational supplies, or other necessary supplies needed for the students’ success.

Over the years, the Parents and Friends of the Hearing Impaired organization’s mission evolved to meet the needs of all the Mid-Ohio Valley area’s deaf and hard of hearing citizens, primarily focusing on providing hearing aids to low-income persons.   During 2019, the group, in partnership with its area sponsoring providers, funded and provided 79 hearing aids for 50 individuals who would otherwise not have been able to afford these aids.

To solidify their commitment to the Mid-Ohio Valley region, Parents and Friends of the Hearing Impaired’s Board of Directors recently established an endowment fund with the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation (PACF) that will help provide operating support for the organization. 

“This new fund will serve as a permanent source of funding to support our organization’s mission,” said Jim McCauley, President of Parents and Friends of the Hearing Impaired.  “Our organization is run by a group of totally unpaid volunteers.  We rely heavily on monetary donations to provide these hearing aids”

In December 2019, the PACF awarded a $5,000 grant to Parents and Friends of the Hearing Impaired to support its work. 

“We are committed to continuing our work here in the region,” said McCauley.  “We plan to raise money through the PACF’s upcoming Give Local MOV campaign on May 5 to build our endowment fund.”

Individuals who would like to learn more about Parents and Friends of the Hearing Impaired are encouraged to call Jim McCauley at 740-423-8436.  Individuals wishing to donate to support the new Parents and Friends of the Hearing Impaired Fund can make their donation by sending a check (payable to PACF with the fund name in the memo line) to:  PACF, PO Box 1762, Parkersburg, WV 26102 or give online here.


Photo caption:  Jim McCauley, President of Parents & Friends of the Hearing Impaired, Inc., with Julie Posey, Development and Communications Officer for the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation, signing paperwork to create an endowment fund with the Foundation in the name of the Parents & Friends of the Hearing Impaired.

PACF Staff Member Receives Award

More than 300 members of the community and faculty of Marietta College gathered Thursday evening for the College’s Founders Day celebration.  The College, celebrating its 185th birthday, has been an integral part of the Mid-Ohio Valley community.  During the celebration, Marietta College recognized faculty, staff, and community members for their partnership and collaboration with the College.  Marian Clowes, Parkersburg Area Community Foundation’s Associate Director for Community Leadership received a Linsley Community Partner Award for her continued partnership and advocacy of the College’s Nonprofits LEAD program.

Nonprofits LEAD works to build a strong, sustainable nonprofit community in the Mid-Ohio Valley in which every organization can effectively and efficiently achieve its mission.  By working in partnership with other area funders, Nonprofits LEAD’s vision that every nonprofit will have the tools, resources, knowledge, and support they need to meet the needs of their community is coming to fruition.

“One of the Foundation priorities is to strengthen the nonprofit sector in our region; there is no better way to do that than by supporting Nonprofits LEAD,” said Marian Clowes.  “Nonprofits LEAD's programs, services, and technical support are highly impactful for nonprofits, and it has been great to partner with Nonprofits LEAD and to support their work.”

Photo caption:  Marian Clowes (center) is presented the Linsley Community Partner Award from representatives of Marietta College.

Annual Meeting Focuses on ACES

At the Foundation's 2019 annual meeting, Huntington Fire Chief Jan Rader spoke about the complexity of the substance use disorder (SUD) crisis facing West Virginia; Rader emphasized that SUD impacts not just individuals, but families and communities, employees and employers, first responders and health care providers. At the 2020 annual meeting, the Foundation further explored the impact of this issue on our community, as keynote speaker Kathy Szafran, President and CEO of Crittenton Services, spoke about the collateral damage that the SUD crisis is having on West Virginia's children.

Szafran shared research about the long-term negative impact on health and well being for individuals who have faced adverse childhood experiences, or ACES. ACES are traumatic experiences that an individual has experienced before adulthood, including experiencing violence, abuse, or neglect or growing up in a home where families members have substance use disorders or mental health concerns or who are in jail or prison. ACES are linked to chronic physical and mental health problems and substance use disorders in adulthood.

Szafran explained how children with adverse experiences react in what she referred to as "survival mode" when making decisions - they go straight to "fight, flight, or freeze." Understanding why children might react in this way is a first step in providing support; implementing trauma-informed care practices in our schools, healthcare facilities, and social service organizations is a key to promoting a culture of safety, empowerment, and healing for children who have experienced ACES. 

Local organizations also spoke at the meeting about the ways in which ACES are affecting the children that they serve. Cathy Grewe with Wood County Schools shared how teachers have been trained in trauma informed care and how schools are implementing programs including counseling, yoga, and calming rooms to help children learn to self- regulate.

Foundation Executive Director Judy Sjostedt encouraged attendees to consider ways in which they can positively impact the lives of children in our region, through engaging with schools, nonprofit organizations, and faith-based institutions in programs that support the needs of children. In addition, the Foundation is building a "Fund for Recovery" to support initiatives related to substance use disorder, including ACES. Contributions to the Fund for Recovery can be sent to PACF, P.O. Box 1762, Parkersburg, WV, 26102 or made online here.

EQT Foundation Partners with Doddridge County Community Foundation

The EQT Foundation is partnering with the Doddridge County Community Foundation to make a lasting and meaningful investment in Doddridge County.  With a gift of $92,000 to the Doddridge County Community Foundation (DCCF), the EQT Foundation is investing in the Foundation’s skill and expertise in growing community endowment, supporting community improvement projects, and providing scholarship assistance to area students.

A portion of the EQT Foundation’s gift will be used to grow the Foundation’s unrestricted community endowment fund, the Doddridge County Grantmaking Fund.  This Fund enables the DCCF to address community needs and invest in new opportunities for Doddridge County residents.  The EQT Foundation’s gift will allow the DCCF to make a larger impact through its bi-annual grant cycle, including in spring 2020.  Organizations interested in applying for grant support can visit the Foundation’s website,, to review grantmaking guidelines and access the online application form. The next application deadline is February 15.

Ellen Rossi from EQT with Rick Oyler from the Doddridge County Community Foundation

The remainder of the EQT Foundation gift will create the EQT Scholarship for Doddridge County graduating high school seniors.  Through this gift, the DCCF will award five $1,000 one-year scholarships and one renewable scholarship (with an annual value of up to $18,000) to Doddridge County students.  To be considered for an EQT Scholarship, applicants must be graduating seniors at Doddridge County High School, or an equivalent home school program, must be Doddridge County residents, and must be pursuing a degree in a field related to the oil & gas industry (for example, computer science/information technology; chemical, civil, or petroleum engineering; energy or land management; environmental science, geology, or safety science).  To see the full scholarship eligibility requirements and to apply using the Foundation’s consolidated scholarship application form, visit the Foundation’s website,

”The EQT Foundation strives to identify opportunities that impact the communities we serve in powerful ways.  What better way to shape the future than by supporting community needs, as well as the education of tomorrow’s leaders and innovators,” said Ellen Rossi, EQT Foundation Manager.  “We are thrilled to award the community-building grant as well as the scholarship program to the Doddridge County community through the assistance of the Doddridge County Community Foundation.  We look forward to learning more about the exceptional achievements and professional aspirations of this year’s recipients.”

“We are excited to partner with the EQT Foundation and we are grateful for their support for our community improvement efforts,” said Rick Oyler, DCCF Advisory Board Chairman. “This gift from the EQT Foundation will enable us to address critical community needs now, to build long-term resources to meet future needs, and to invest in our community’s next generation.  We applaud EQT Foundation’s commitment to Doddridge County.”

Ellen Rossi from EQT pictured with members of the Doddridge County Community Foundation Advisory Board



About Doddridge County Community Foundation:

Celebrating 20 years of serving the community, the Doddridge Community Foundation (DCCF) works with charitable individuals to make a positive and permanent commitment for the future of Doddridge County, West Virginia.  DCCF is an affiliate of the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation (PACF). The PACF is a single 501(c)(3) public charity that manages a philanthropic endowment of more than 360 funds amounting to more than $43 million in assets, each representing a unique giving partnership with an individual, a family, or a business, civic or nonprofit organization. The PACF works in partnership with local level organizations (affiliates) to provide leadership and develop philanthropic resources to meet the needs of our 11-county service district. Since 1999, the Doddridge Community Foundation has helped local citizens support the causes that are most important to them and touch every aspect of life in our communities in a wide variety of significant and lasting ways. For more information about the PACF and its affiliate, DCCF, or to learn more about creating your own charitable fund, visit or call 304-428-4438.


About EQT Foundation:

The EQT Foundation was established by EQT Corporation, one of the nation’s premier natural gas producers, and is committed to the social and economic vitality of our operating regions.  The EQT Foundation believes in meaningful engagement with the communities it calls home and takes great pride in the role as both a responsible and responsive corporate citizen.  The EQT Foundation has developed strong partnerships with a variety of nonprofit organizations to enrich the diversity and viability of our communities, sustain the principles of continuous learning, and focus on environmental protection efforts. Read more at:   

Grants Available For Ritchie County Teachers

The Ritchie County Community Foundation, an affiliate of Parkersburg Area Community Foundation, announces the availability of grants for Ritchie County educators seeking support for professional development opportunities and for academic school improvement projects at Ritchie County schools through the O. Eugene and Mary Scott Smith Memorial Fund.

The Fund provides grants for individual teachers who are seeking to further their education, for groups of teachers pursuing professional development opportunities, and for schools for projects that improve the academic curriculum. Funds are not available for athletic projects at schools. Applications, whether for support for individual teachers, groups of teachers, or for academic improvement projects, must be submitted through a Ritchie County school. The application deadline is February 15. Schools must apply using the Foundation’s online Community Action Grant application, which is available on the Foundation’s website,

The Fund honors Gene and Mary Smith, who were natives of Ritchie County and were educated in Ritchie County schools. Gene and Mary instilled their love of education in their eight children who all attended Ritchie County schools. Three of them became teachers. Because of Gene and Mary’s influence, there are more than forty college degrees including two doctorates in their large, extended family.

Schools are encouraged to apply for this grant opportunity. Project requests also will be considered for support from other Foundation grantmaking funds, including funds available from the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation. For questions or more information, contact Marian Clowes at 304-428-4438 or

Grants in Action: Horizons Center of Independent Living

Ramp at Horizons Center of Independent LivingWith help from a $5,000 PACF grant, Horizons Center of Independent Living in Parkersburg installed a ramp to their facility.  Horizons serves individuals with developmental disabilities by providing a safe residential facility and encouraging them to be active in all aspects of daily life.

Board member Jane Burdette notes, "Not only do our residents benefit from an accessible facility, but residents, families, and board members can now more freely participate in our activities."

One resident's family member expressed gratitude for the new ramp, stating, "I am so glad to be able to come to my son's home for a visit now."

The grant was made possible through the Michael Eddy Memorial Fund and the Galbraith Fund for Mental Health, two funds that were designed to be flexible and are used each year to support community needs.

Local Funders Hiring Substance Use Disorder Collaborative Coordinator

A convener. A strategic thinker. An action-oriented, disciplined team player who wants to reduce the stigma and adverse impact associated with substance use disorder (SUD) for individuals and families in the Mid-Ohio Valley and its surrounding communities. Does this sound like you?

If so, you may be the candidate that the Sisters Health Foundation, United Way Alliance of the Mid-Ohio Valley, Parkersburg Area Community Foundation, and The Bernard McDonough Foundation are seeking to create cross-sector partnerships and programs that address SUD community supports, treatment, and prevention as a SUD Collaborative Coordinator.

A successful candidate will have working knowledge of:

  • SUD and its effects on individuals, families, and communities;
  • Best practices associated with cross-sector collaboration;
  • Basic prevention, treatment, and community supports necessary to properly address SUD and its adverse impact;
  • Data collection and analysis;
  • Grant writing and management;
  • Program and/or service development and evaluation.

Follow this link for the full job description.

Interested candidates are encouraged to apply by January 23. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Submit a letter of interest, resume, and three references to:

SUD Collaborative

c/o Ethos Leadership Group

Celebrating the Life of Dr. Nick Endrizzi

Nick EndrizziDr. Endrizzi was a well-known and much-loved veterinarian who passed away earlier in 2014.  A Parkersburg resident for more than 60 years, he and his wife, Ann, raised five children here in the Mid-Ohio Valley, Dr. Mike Endrizzi, Kathy Endrizzi, Nancy Endrizzi, Mary Endrizzi Wright, and Emma Endrizzi O’Leary.  

As a child growing up in Belmont County, Ohio, Endrizzi’s family, along with many other coal miner families, struggled.  Endrizzi was born December 25, 1919 and of the years following his father’s death in 1924, Endrizzi wrote: “Most of mother’s income came from miners who would put money in her basket on pay day.  Churches in Bannock helped, and some neighbors did also.” He remembered “At Christmas time, church people asked us to come and we would all get a paper sack with candy and one orange.  This was our entire Christmas treat during the Depression.”

Nick Endrizzi never forgot the assistance that they received during those difficult years.  Through his adult life, it was important for him to give back in order to help others less fortunate.  “I always had it in my mind that I wanted to pay the people back who helped us, but they were all gone,” Endrizzi once said. 

To this end, Endrizzi helped establish a charitable fund with the PACF to benefit the Salvation Army  in Belmont County and was a consistent supporter of his church’s food pantry.   He also loved gardening just to see fruits and vegetables grow and then would share his harvests with friends and neighbors, often putting surpluses on the curb with a FREE sign.  Sharing food at Christmas was one of Endrizzi’s favorite holiday traditions.

This December 25 would have been Endrizzi’s 100th birthday.  To mark this centennial in a meaningful way, Endrizzi’s children have partnered with the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation to raise awareness and support for its Hunger Fund for the region.  This permanent charitable fund provides funding for community food programs for children, senior citizens, and other vulnerable populations in the region.

“We know that the Hunger Fund is something that our father would be proud of and would have supported himself,”  said Mary Endrizzi Wright.  “My brother, sisters, and I would like our community to support this fund this holiday season.  In the spirit of giving that is Christmas, we are matching the first $2,500 donated to the Hunger Fund to celebrate our dad’s 100th birthday.”

To make a charitable donation to support the PACF’s Hunger Fund, please send a check made payable to the PACF to PO Box 1762, Parkersburg, WV 26101 or give online at  Individuals who have questions or would like to make other gift arrangements may call the Foundation at 304-428-4438. 

Foundation Announces Fall 2019 Grants

The Parkersburg Area Community Foundation and Regional Affiliates (PACF) is supporting the health, human services, recreation, and education needs of our community through its fall grant awards. At a December 4 reception, the PACF announced $203,381 in grant awards to support charitable projects benefiting the residents of the region.

Through the Foundation’s bi-annual Community Action Grants Program, area nonprofits seek grant assistance to address community needs.  To be considered for a Community Action Grant, an applicant must be a private, nonprofit organization, tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or a public institution.  Either the applicant or program to be funded must be located in the Foundation’s eleven-county geographic service area (Calhoun, Doddridge, Gilmer, Jackson, Mason, Pleasants, Ritchie, Roane, Wirt, and Wood counties in West Virginia, and Washington County, Ohio).  Submitted applications are considered for support from charitable funds managed by the Foundation that are designed to support a wide variety of projects and causes throughout the region.

The fall 2019 Parkersburg Area Community Foundation & Regional Affiliates grant recipients are:

  • American Red Cross of Northwest West Virginia Chapter - $4,000 to install smoke alarms in homes and assist families impacted by house fires
  • Boys and Girls Club of Parkersburg - $15,000 to replace the HVAC unit serving the gymnasium
  • Boys and Girls Club of Pleasants County - $2,020 to purchase materials and supplies to enhance Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math programs
  • Calhoun County Committee on Aging - $4,550 to replace an air conditioning unit
  • Calhoun County Family Resource Network – $7,500 to provide healthy food for limited-resource senior citizens
  • Calhoun County Schools - $9,650 for suicide prevention programs
  • City of Spencer - $6,400 to renovate the Spencer Armory
  • Doddridge County Family Resource Network - $2,650 to purchase bedding for youth through the annual Good Shepherd Tree Program
  • Ely Chapman Education Foundation - $6,700 to purchase a new commercial dishwasher
  • GFWC Parkersburg Woman’s Club - $5,000 to support the Brown Bag project, which provides nutritious food for weekends for students in need at McKinley and Emerson Elementary Schools
  • Gilmer County Family Resource Network - $2,000 to support the teen shoe box project, which provides hygiene items, gloves, and socks for teens at Christmas
  • Harmony Mental Health - $3,750 to assist with renovations to their new facility in Elizabeth, WV, where they provide counseling services and trauma-informed care
  • Healthy Grandfamilies Coalition - $5,000 to provide meals at educational programs to help grandparents who are raising grandchildren
  • Mid-Ohio Valley Foster Grandparent Program - $4,000 to support seniors who mentor children in schools and nonprofits organizations in the region
  • Normantown Historical Community Center - $10,575 to replace a roof on their facility in Gilmer County
  • Parents and Friends of the Hearing Impaired - $5,000 to provide hearing aids to limited-resource individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing
  • Parkersburg and Wood County Public Library - $15,000 to upgrade technology and equipment
  • Regeneration/Packs of Plenty - $3,500 to provide food to Ritchie County students on weekends and school holidays
  • Ritchie County Family Resource Network - $1,000 to purchase hygiene and cleaning products to be distributed to low-income individuals
  • Rosenbaum Family House and WVU Medicine - $5,000 to assist with costs for patient families from the PACF service region who stay at the house during care and treatment for a loved one or family member
  • South Parkersburg United Methodist - $6,000 to support the Backpack Blessings Program, which provides food on weekends to students from Martin, Gihon, and Fairplains elementary schools
  • The Salvation Army - $15,000 to upgrade kitchen equipment to provide hot and nutritious meals to those who struggle with poverty and hunger
  • Voices for Children – CASA - $11,400 to support programs that provide direct services through volunteer advocacy for abused and neglected children
  • Wood County Schools - $15,000 to support training and implementation of Safe Talk, a suicide prevention program
  • Wood County Society - $12,500 to support staffing for the new ArtBeat Studio, a collaborative and adaptive community art studio
  • West Virginia Health Right - $6,500 to purchase dental supplies for the mobile dental unit serving Roane County residents
  • West Virginia University at Parkersburg - $5,000 to purchase supplies and equipment for two summerTeen Tech Academies to provide Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math experiences for area youth
  • YMCA of Parkersburg - $12,500 to purchase a Microsoft Surface Pro for each of ten after-school sites to use for academic mentoring and for general operating support

In addition, through the support of the Tamara K. Brown Helping to Heal Fund, the Hollow Creeks Fund, and the Mid-Ohio Valley Endowment for Women, Children, and Families, the PACF provided support to school nurses at the following schools to purchase equipment to help them meet student health needs:

  • Blennerhassett Elementary School - $250 to purchase period preparedness kits for 5th grade girls
  • Blennerhassett Middle School  - $60 to purchase an automatic wrist blood pressure monitor
  • Franklin Elementary Center - $246 to purchase a “Stop the Bleed” kit and supplies to address traumatic injuries
  • Greenmont Elementary School - $230 to purchase a refrigerator to store medications
  • Kanawha Elementary School - $150 to renovate gym shower rooms for student use
  • Parkersburg South High School - $250 to purchase CPR training supplies

In addition to the grants announced above, the Foundation’s Ritchie County, Doddridge County, and Little Kanawha Area Community Foundation affiliates recently announced an additional $8,950 in grants to organizations providing services in Ritchie, Doddridge, Wirt, Calhoun, and Gilmer counties.


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