How to Use Your Fund

By establishing a charitable fund with the PACF, you create an easy and efficient way to fulfill your charitable goals while addressing our community's key issues.

Contributing to Your Fund

You and others can add to your fund at any time by giving various assets to the Foundation.   To learn more about what types of assets you can give, click here.  

Quarterly Fund Statements

To keep you up to date on your fund's performance, the Foundation issues quarterly fund statements.  These statements contain year-to-date activity, including grants and distributions, realized and unrealized gains and losses, investment income, fees and contributions to the fund by you or other donors.  

The Foundation runs on a July 1- June 31 fiscal year.  Fund statements are generated a few weeks after the close of a quarter and you can expect to receive a statement in the mail in January, April, July, October.

If you have any questions regarding your statement, please call the Foundation at 304.428.4438.

How to Recommend a Grant from a Donor Advised Fund

A Donor Advised Fund is a simple, powerful, and highly personal approach to giving.  You recommend the organizations, programs and causes that you want to support and the PACF verifies the charitable status and handles all the administrative details.

To recommend a grant from your fund, complete this form.

Fundraising Procedures for Charitable Funds

To assure that all fundraising efforts to build charitable funds at the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation, including its regional affiliate collection of funds for Doddridge County, Ritchie County and Little Kanawha Area Community Foundations (PACF), are in compliance with known IRS, federal,  state and local legal requirements*, the Foundation has established a policy for donors and/or other affiliated individuals or organizations wishing to conduct fundraising activities and/or solicitations to build Foundation funds. *Such requirements change from time-to-time; this Policy reflects our best knowledge as of 2015 requirements.   

This policy was created to protect the Foundation funds, donors and the Foundation itself. The chief responsibilities of the PACF Board and staff are to acquire, protect, and grow assets that are entrusted to the Foundation by donors and to make grants that fulfill the donors’ wishes from those assets for the benefit of the 11-county service area.  The Foundation staff is dedicated to increasing the Foundation’s endowment through the acquisition of major and planned gifts. While the PACF values the efforts of individuals and organizations to raise money on behalf of the Foundation’s funds, neither the Board nor staff are equipped to operate or assist with solicitation activities or fundraising events for the PACF funds.  Likewise, the PACF will not allow its tax-exempt status to be used by other groups or organizations in order to offer contributors a charitable tax deduction for gifts or in-kind contributions, unless those gifts are made directly to the PACF, as addressed in the policy herein.  

To view the complete policy, click here.



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