Types of Funds 

By selecting among various fund options, you can tailor your fund to be as specific of as broad as you wish in order to fulfill your philanthropy.

Find the Fund Right for You

There are several different types of charitable funds that you can create with the PACF.  Each fund has its own distinct advantages and capabilities.  You may start your research here or contact our Development Officer to learn more.

Unrestricted Fund

Meeting ever-changing community needs

Unrestricted Funds are supplied by generous individuals with the instruction that they are to be used for the general charitable good of the community allowing the PACF the ability to address unforeseen issues. The PACF can then apply these resources in a a way that is flexible and timeless.

Learn more about Unrestricted Funds.

Field of Interest Fund

Connecting personal values to high-impact opportunities

Field of Interest Funds target specific needs in an important area of community life such as the arts, education, youth, recreation, senior citizens, and/or health.

Learn more about Field of Interest Funds.

Donor Advised Fund

A highly personal approach to giving

Establishing a Donor Advised Fund with the PACF lets you make a gift to your community foundation and then remain actively involved in recommending uses of your gift.

Learn more about Donor Advised Funds.


Designated Fund

Help local organizations sustain and grow

Individuals, families and companies can support one or more of their favorite nonprofits by setting up a Designated Fund.

Learn more about Designated Funds.


Scholarship Fund

Investing in deserving students

When you create a Scholarship Fund through the PACF, you invest in your community's future and show students that you care.

Learn more about Scholarship Funds.


Agency Endowment Fund

An investment in your organization’s future

Agency endowments offer nonprofits a stable source of income for their cause. This is an excellent option for individuals with long-term charitable intentions.

Learn more about Agency Endowment Fund.


Agency Designated Fund

Organizations making an impact, today and forever

Agency Designated Funds allow their assigned nonprofit organization the ability to recommend grants from their fund to assist with the fulfillment of their mission.

Learn more about Agency Designated Funds.


Starting a Fund is Easy

Having a charitable fund at the Foundation makes it easy for you to support the causes and organizations you care about locally or across the country now and forever.  You can use a variety of assets to create a fund, ensuring your giving is convenient and impactful. 



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