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Please bookmark this page to check for  Give Local MOV event sites status updates on May 4, 2021. If issues arise of which you may need to be aware, we will update the site status table with green, yellow, and red indicators. We will also update the status log at the bottom of the page so that you may see the time we became aware of the issue and the time it was resolved.

Please check this site before communicating with any donors about your site status, as it may provide more information as to the issue you notice or a potential resolution.

If you have an issue to report, please submit a support ticket to get the message to our staff.

Incident Reports:

May 32021

No incidents reported today.

May 22021

No incidents reported.

May 12021

No incidents reported.

Status Functionality Log Notes
Site Availability

Site is up and running as intended.


Donation Processing

All donation processing is working.


Leaderboards and site totals Leaderboard and all site totals are up-to-date and reporting correct information. Leaderboard is updating every 6 minutes at minimum.
Access to Giving Day Event Manager Nonprofits are able to access reports and Giving Day Dashboard.
Prize Awarding Prizes awarding is working as expected and are displaying correcting on the prize webpage.
Donation Reporting Donation reports for individual nonprofits are updating accurately and timely.
The donation will appear immediately on your donor report, 
however, there will be a small lag in time before it appears on your public donation page and Leaderboard.


Status Page Key

Fully functional
Known issue, resolution in process
Function is down or disabled, resolution in process


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