Grants & Scholarships at the PACF

Helping individuals achieve their charitable goals is integral to the mission of the PACF.  The Foundation is committed to making sure our actions and community investments are making a difference every day for the people and communities of our region

The PACF is honored to provide financial support to nonprofit organizations and qualified students throughout the region. Generous donors who have established or contributed to funds at the PACF to make these grants and scholarships possible.

Grants at the PACF

We are pleased to administer several community grant programs to support nonprofit organizations in our region. Whether a nonprofit organization needs funding for a specific program/project, infrastructure improvement, or an unforeseen emergency expense, the PACF can help.

To learn more about the Foundation's grant programs, visit the Grants page.

Scholarships at the PACF

At the PACF, we believe that investing in our regions next generation is critical to the success of a community. We are proud to have awarded millions of scholarship dollars to worthy college students. With the help of generous donors, we awarded our first student scholarship many years ago and we will continue to issue scholarships for years to come.

To learn more about the Foundation's scholarships program, visit the Scholarships page.


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