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Our Community’s Foundation, the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation and the regional affiliates of Doddridge, Jackson, Mason, and Ritchie Counties and the Little Kanawha Area, is a nonprofit public charity created by local citizens to support the needs of our communities. By linking generations of the region’s caring citizens together and encouraging them to think about what’s best for us all, we can dream bigger and do more.

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Our Community's Foundation is PACF and the Regional Affiliates. The Foundation's charitable funds are generously supplied by caring citizens who want to improve our quality of life. We offer an easy, effective way to make significant impact with your giving, and the great tax advantages of partnering with a public charity. Please join us!

Latest News & Events

First Energy’s Manager of External Affairs, Greg Hefner presents First Energy Foundation’s $2000 gift to PACF’s Executive Director, Judy Sjostedt.

The First Energy Foundation looks to make a positive impact for the youth of the Mid-Ohio Valley with its recent gift to the Parkersburg...

Charles “Skip” Fox IV, one of the nation’s leading estate planning and taxation attorneys, is coming to Parkersburg! Thanks to the...